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If you’re met with confused expressions when you announce to your buddies that you’re about to set off for a holiday on the Faroe Islands, don’t be surprised. That can only be a good thing, right? When you explain that your eight-day adventure will be by foot, high-speed boat and horseback through wild landscapes you’ll no doubt confusion will turn to envy.

An archipelago of 18 vertiginous volcanic basalt rocks jutting out of the North Atlantic Ocean and located between the UK, Iceland and Norway, the Faroe Islands is Europe’s best-kept secret. Infused with Viking, Christian and Scandinavian history, it makes for a fascinating destination.

Your adventure begins in Gjógv’s on the northern tip of Eysturoy. Far away from illuminated cities, this a great location from where to experience the northern lights.

Hike to Slættaratindur, the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands, where, on a clear day, you can see all 18 islands from the top. Visit Navia, a mill processing local wool, and purchase some Faroese wool to take home. Nanna will love you for it.

A home-cooked meal in Søldarfjør might include local delicacies like puffinsskerpikjøt (dried mutton) and garnatálg (rolled intestinal sheep fat). It might not sound like your typical holiday fare, but it will certainly earn you bragging rights.

Depart for the northern islands and Klaksvík, the island’s second largest city. Then a ferry ride will take you to Kalsoy and Kallurin Lighthouse, built in 1927.

The capital of Tórshavn, , on the southeast coast of Streymoy, has a colourful Viking history. Check out Tinganes, made up of 500-year-old wooden houses covered with turf roofs, or visit Tórshavn Cathedral, the second oldest church in the country.

Depart for a fjord safari where you’ll travel by high-speed boat to the island of Hestur. There’s the opportunity to swim through a grotto, climb up to the clifftops and, for the thrill-seekers in the group, plunge into the icy ocean. Then it’s onward to Kirkjubøur, the old cultural centre of the Faroe Islands. Visit the 900-year-old Roykstovan, where the King’s yeoman still lives after 17 generations.

Depart for a adventure aboard a local fishing boat. There is an opportunity to drop in a line – a good day’s fishing will see you land up to 10 different species. Dinner will be at Àarstova where you'll indulge in the native delicacy Faroese lamb.

Finally, depart by horseback for an adventure in the surrounding Tórshavn area. Experience the untouched scenery when you ride along rivers and up mountains to take in breathtaking views of Tórshavn and Nólsoyarfjørður.

Eight-day group tours start at about US$9250, with private tours for a minimum of two people starting at about US$9630 each.

For all inclusions and more details on the tour, which departs 11 January 2020, head to the get lost escapes website.

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