Test Your Limit with Ice Swimmingpolar regions

Most ordinary folk flock to sunny beaches in swimmers, but sheer ego – or stupidity – entices a proud bunch of people to shimmy out of their polar fleece and plunge into frost-laced water. Aspiring to put their polarising hobby on the map, and the Olympic line-up, members of the International Ice Swimming Association band together around the globe to test their limits against Mother Nature.

In a sport all about endurance, a paddle across the English Channel may sound impressive, but it’s the Siberian swim that leaves us quaking. As the air pushes below -30ºC, it doesn’t take long for eyelashes to plaster shut and your flesh to flush raw and red. Brandish a wet limb for a smidgen too long and feel it set, slick with ice. A true Polar swimmer banishes the wetsuit, allowing only skin, swimming cap, Speedos and goggles. Take the plunge – we’re not so sure the frostbite is rewarding, but your pride at surviving it sure will be.

Ready to go?

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