The Rig Extreme ParkArabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia

The Rig (no, we're not referring to you) is on it's way.

An offshore oil rig in the Arabian Gulf, off the coast of Saudi Arabia, is set to be turned into a massive theme park and hotel, in a move we bet the original builders of the rig did not see coming.

The 1.6 million-square-foot behemoth will feature 800 hotel rooms across three hotels, 11 restaraunts, swimming pools, an ultra-luxury hotel and super-yacht marina.

Backers of The Rig are lauding it as the "world’s first tourism destination inspired by offshore oil platforms", an admittedly fairly niche category.

It will also feature an extreme theme park, featuring super fast rollercoasters (the world's fastest is currently being built just outside of Riyadh) as well as bungee jumping, zip-lining, aquatic sporting adventures and skydiving.

How many times have you been staying somewhere and thought: "Yes, this is nice, but what about oil drilling?" Well, the good news is there will be practical lessons in using drilling machinery, plus information on the industry itself.

While no opening date has been announced and there isn't a great level of detail on the hotel, the theme park component of the rig looks absolutely lit - check out the video below:

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