Central America & Caribbean


vital statistics
  • Bridgetown
  • 280,000
  • English
  • Barbadian dollar
about Barbados

Want adventure? Prefer to drop and flop? Doesn’t matter. Here you can do as much of each as you want. To the west you’ll enjoy still blue waters ideal for swimming, and to the east there are surf-worthy waves ready to ride. No matter where you are, sun, sand and relaxation are never far away.

It’s known for its boat and sailing cruises, so hop on and sail away to sunbathe or snorkel among the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic. Barbados is not short of wildlife, so prepare yourself for a meeting with a wise old sea turtle or coloured schools of fish. Then get your camera ready for sceneries and sunsets worthy of a postcard.

Don’t tire yourself out during the day, as this humble island nation has a booming nightlife on offer, too. Mosey down streets lined with restaurants  ranging from simple to stylish. Barbados is home to one of the oldest rum distilleries in the world, too, so you’d be mad not to wrap your lips around a signature rum punch, perhaps accompanied by some reggae tunes, at one of the many bars.