vital statistics
  • Port Louis
  • 1.3 million
  • Mauritian Creole, French, English
  • Mauritian rupee
about Mauritius

There is no doubting the beautiful island of Mauritius is known for its endless beaches, swaying palms and relaxation-inducing weather. However, there is more to this part of the world than just that. This mountainous island practically explodes from the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, to showcase spectacular scenery, incredible walks and unforgettable diving.

In the capital of Port Louis there’s a melding of the cultures, from Africa, India, the Middle East and parts of Asia, that have washed up here over the years. Check out the Central Market before moving on to the rest of the island. Take the two-hour walk to the Black River Peak lookout in the Black River Gorge National Park, where you look out over the whole island, then head back towards the coast. It’s all about the beach, so hire a car and find an isolated one, jump on a board or try your hand at kitesurfing at Le Morne, or check in with one of the local dive operators to hit shipwrecks and the shallow Sharks’ Trench.

If you’ve got some time on your hands, Rodrigues is the one of the nation’s furthest flung outposts, 650 kilometres from the main island. Here the residents live a simple existence among nature’s finery and welcome visitors looking for complete relaxation.

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It's time to put Mauritius on your travel radar. ...

It's time to put Mauritius on your travel radar. ...