Central America & Caribbean

The Bahamas

vital statistics
  • Nassau
  • 330,000
  • English
  • Bahamian dollar
about The Bahamas

This bare speck of a nation might well have been the fictional place the Beach Boys imagined in their 1988 song ‘Kokomo’. Turquoise water. Check. A variety of beaches. Check. Stunning marine life and nature. Check. Lots of cocktails. Check. Hammocks. Check. Amiable people that live up to the island cliché. Check. It all adds up to make that fantastic island holiday complete.

It is also a great place to park your yacht and stay awhile. Given its close proximity to Florida, the Bahamas does have resorts filled with the requisite podgy and pasty tourists from developed nations although you can definitely escape that scene if you head to some of the smaller islands.

You’ll certainly enjoy the island life. Oh, and definitely, definitely don’t forget to pack your sunnies – all that white sand can be blinding!

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