vital statistics
  • Tunis
  • 11 million
  • Arabic
  • Tunisian dinar
about Tunisia

Tunisia is more than just a beautiful sand-fringed Mediterranean coastline boasting year-long sunshine and beaches that seemingly have no end. This small but full-of-life nation in Northern Africa boasts history and natural beauty like no other.

The capital of Tunis shows off the country’s heritage in its modern city, created during French rule, and World Heritage-listed, eighth century medina.

Head north for the deepest of green forests, Ichkeul Lake dotted with bright pink flamingos, and endless views of vibrant citrus and olive plantations on the way to Cape Angela, the northernmost point of Africa. Down south is the eastern end of the incredible Atlas Mountains, as well as the northern reaches of the mind-boggling Sahara, which stretches deep into Africa.

So go beyond the perfect sea-sand-surf ideals of the Mediterranean coast and explore the vast cultural landscapes, fresh cuisine and incredibly welcoming people for a taste of Africa like no other.