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Three Big Days in Denver

Three Big Days in Denver

The only long weekend guide you need.

Welcome to Denver...

the US city with little oxygen (hello high altitude), but a whole lot of love. Bordering Utah to the left and Kansas to the right, Colorado’s capital city is a medley of undiscovered gems, situated (exactly) a mile into the sky.

It’s also one of the fastest growing cities in the US, with new brunch spots, breweries and bars popping up everyday. To save you screenshotting a million spots on Tripadvisor, we’ve eaten and drunk, and danced our way through Denver, and created the perfect long weekend itinerary. You’re welcome.

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Descend upon the prim and polished Cherry Creek neighbourhood, full of shopping, fun eats, and Moxy—a hip little Marriott-owned boutique play and stay where the check-in desk is actually the bar. THE BAR, GUYS. It’s the perfect introduction to Denver; a city where there are over 150 craft breweries to drink your way through.

While the hotel is super fun, you should probably head over to the famed Union Station in the heart of downtown. Truly charming and stylish, this Beaux Arts-style beauty is the perfect spot to check out the local art scene. You’re likely starving now, and Snooze is considered one of the best brunch spots in town. It’s colourful, retro and the long wait lines are worth it, trust us. The breakfast here is an event unto itself, whether you’re having their decadent flavour bomb pancakes or the elaborate eggs Benedict ­— both of which require, for health reasons, one of their loaded Bloody Mary's to wash everything down.

You’re going to be stuffed now, so it’s time to see more of the city while you digest. And there’s no better way to do it than with eTuk, Denver's premier environmentally friendly tour company. These locally manufactured, fully electric tuk-tuks come with heated seats and fantastic views of the city, letting you whip around downtown to take in all the sights.

Spots to look out for: Cherry Creek pedestrian bridge, the decadent Cruise Room located at the Oxford Hotel, the lovely Larimer Square and the opulent Performing Arts Center, which proudly showcases two giant Botero sculptures.

Go sleep it off at the Moxy.

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Today we leave the old school charm of downtown Denver and pop over to River North, or RiNo Arts District, famed for its world-class street art and cafes. A trip to RiNo isn't complete without hitting up the Denver Central Market, located in a reclaimed warehouse. Chock-full of anything and everything you could want to imbibe or ingest, the market is the perfect spot to pick up something for dinner. And dessert (obviously)—the famous Temper Chocolates are a must-chow.

Heading across the Platte River to the hip Highland District, where you can continue eating in very photogenic places. Like Happy Camper Pizza, where food is served beneath a giant disco ball. Or Little Man Ice Cream where crazy flavours are housed in the largest milk pails you’ve ever seen.

Avanti F & B is a collective eatery, which basically means a place where foodies can die and go to comfort food heaven. Throw in a great indoor/outdoor space to nosh on your new favourite nibbles and life is good.

Hopefully you’re now sated and happy, so it’s time to take in some culture at Denver's world class art museum. This institution boasts some of the most outrageous exhibits, from Keith Haring to Skull Riding triptychs. Cap off the night with a good lol at the Comedy Works Downtown for big laughs.

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Today is the day for some of that famous Colorado outdoors. A quick cab ride, just 20 minutes, will take you to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, which is by far the most beautiful naturally occurring theatre you’ll see in your life. When a show isn’t on, locals use the amphitheatre as a giant gym (which is more than I can say for Madison Square Garden).

Next up, take a trip (lol) to the International Church of Cannabis. Founded in 2017, this place is quite literally in a church and it’s also quite literally dedicated to weed. Think of it as part religious institution, part art exhibit. Daily guided tours and laser light shows play with art installations, making for a rather mind-bending experience.

As the sun starts to set on the Queen City of the Plains (yes, that’s what they call Denver), head back downtown for dinner. If you’re feeling low key, hit up Duffy's Cherry Cricket for no-frills charm, excellent burgers and boozy milkshakes. Or if you want to go all out, go to the fine dining Mediterranean marvel, Rioja, on Larimer Street. And don’t you dare skip dessert.

An after-dinner evening stroll completes what should be a rather perfect travel day. Or rather, three days. From the amazing food to the interesting cultural scenes, it’s easy to see why many residents call it heaven on earth—and it’s not just the altitude.

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In Denver’s rarified air, golf balls go 10% further.

Words Roberto Serrini

Photos Roberto Serrini

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