Epic Uluru Experience on it’s way

Just when you think they couldn鈥檛 do anything cooler up at Uluru, they go and drop this on us.

Wintjiri Wiru is the name of the extraordinary, brand-new light and drone show above Uluru, coming next week.

It brings to life the ancient dreamtime story of Mala via 1,000 luminous drones taking flight each night to lift the ancient images above Uluru and into the sky. Exquisite choreography and visual artistry is accompanied by a narration in Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara languages, and a soundtrack with traditional inma recorded with members of the local Anangu community.

The number (1,000) of drones involved makes it the largest drone show of it’s kind on earth.

The result is a pretty cool marriage of technology and the world鈥檚 oldest continuous culture.

Two Wintjiri Wiru sound and light shows will run every night, until December, beginning next Thursday, 11 May in 2023. One show a night will take place in the months of January and February.

A three-hour sunset dinner precedes the experience, which includes welcome cocktails and canapes while the sun sets over the bloody serene setting of Kata Tjuta and Uluru. Once darkness has settled the dramatic sound and light show will begin.

We cannot wait.

Check out one of the teasers below:

B贸i oh B贸ia

Ever feel like you鈥檙e just floating along in life? Metaphorically drifting aimlessly, without direction while getting inebriated every weekend with your mates who are doing the same thing?

Well, now you can do that for real, and your mates can come too! B贸ia is the Perth-based brand selling water-based products like the Harbour: a horseshoe-shaped floating chill area that is absolutely made for summer.

Imagine jumping on a B贸ia with a few friends, and having either your own private island party or the ultimate place to relax, out on a lake or an ocean. Not bad.

Don’t have any friends? Say no more fam, just set your B贸ia up at Cottesloe Beach or similar, and let the friends come to you (see below).

They’re perfect for bad b贸is, good b贸is and sk8r b贸is alike.

There are a variety of different products available from $1,075 – get one here.

Air Asia re-launching flights to Thailand

We have liftoff!

Thai AirAsia X launched the first flights direct to Bangkok from Australia since the pandemic this week.

The budget airline, a branch of AirAsia, have sent plenty of Australians to the top Asian destinations over the years, and the opening of both the Melbourne to Bangkok, and Sydney to Bangkok route will be big news to the hordes of Aussies wanting to get back to the country’s pristine beaches and chaotic cities.

Almost a million Australian travellers flocked to Thailand every year before the pandemic – about 4% of the country. There are about 70,000 Thai born Australian residents.

Initial flight schedule:聽

From To Departure time Arrival Days Beginning
Bangkok Sydney 00.30 14.15 Monday
2 December

Bangkok 15.45 21.35 Monday
2 December

Melbourne 00.20 14.00 Wednesday
1 December
Melbourne 聽 Bangkok 15.30 21.15 Wednesday
1 December

Be the central character in a Swedish horror story

Sweden has come up with a typically ingenious idea to bring Halloween to life, by making you the main character in a horror film.

The country鈥檚 tourism board has teamed up with bestselling Scandinavian horror author John Ajvide Lindqvist (kind of like a Swedish Stephen King) to deliver an audio story called 鈥楰iln鈥.

We wish we could tell you what happens, but we have no idea. We haven鈥檛 listened to it. It is only available in Sweden, and it is recommended, for the full experience, you head to one of the country鈥檚 many eerily beautiful forests, the kind that pop up in horror movies all the time.

Imagine wandering around one of these at night with your headphones in and a horror story playing, ideally with some mates for protection and to increase the odds of you not being eaten.

The story takes place in a forest, is based on Swedish folklore and is told in first-person, making you feel as if you are the person at the heart of it. This could be either a really good thing or a really bad thing, depending on how you feel about horror stories.

We think this is an ingenious idea; for the cost of nothing you get Sweden鈥檚 epic outdoors as well as drama and spook. Count us in.

An EPIC safari deal – Top 5 Luxury Safari Experiences

An African safari is on everyone’s bucket list; tick it off in style with an all inclusive luxury Tanzania safari, where you can bask in stunning scenery, spot the Big 5 and try some of Tanzania’s delicious food.聽

Here are the top 5 experiences you can鈥檛 miss on a luxury Tanzania Safari:聽

1. Tarangire National Park

Tarangire is otherworldly, as you drive through granite ridges and dip through the Savannahs valleys you’ll be able to fulfil your childhood dream of spotting herds of elephants and wildebeest, and get some sick snaps of lions and zebras.

2. Ngorongoro Crater

Make sure you feast your eyes on the exquisite Ngorongoro Crater, the ‘Green Crater’ will genuinely make you gasp especially when you see Hippos dozing next to the Soda Lake.

3. Mto wa Mbu village

Mto wa Mbu village will give you some insight into Tanzania’s unique way of life. Hear stories from local tour guides and try mouthwatering local cuisine.聽

4. Central Serengeti聽

Serenegti is famous for a reason: known for its 鈥Endless Plains鈥 and the famous 鈥楪reat Wildebeest Migration,鈥 which is one of the largest animal migrations in the world. The landscape is spectacular, as are the Big 5.聽

5. Hot Air Balloon Flight聽

Hard to think of a better place to fly in a hot air balloon than over the magnificent national parks in Tanzania. Soak up the scenery as the sun rises and start your morning with a cheeky glass of bubbly – it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?


This might just be the ultimate party house.

If you manage to round up a few of your best mates for a week at Oasis Kalua in Colombia, your life has surely peaked.

Kalua is a four-bedroom, thatched roof, tropical paradise surrounded on all sides by the Caribbean Sea, about an hour by boat from Cartagena. By day you鈥檒l be faced with such tough decisions as whether to lounge in the cabana or on one of the many sunbathing decks, and whether to swim in the pool or the crystal-clear sea. By night, its coronas, Pi帽a Coladas and dancing in your own private Casa de Fiesta. Salud!

AU$3,620 per night

Click for LET’S GO, PABLO

Photo series: Prints for wildlife

In 2020, Dutch and Austrian photographer Pie Aerts and Marion Payr created Prints for Wildlife, a print sale of some of the most epic wildlife shots in the world.

The project was a response to the global pandemic, which had a devastating effect on wildlife, conservation projects, tourism and communities across Africa. The first two instalments of Print for Wildlife raised more than US $1.75 million dollars for conservation non-profit organisation African Parks. To get lost, the project is not only a great way to support a terrific cause, but a fantastic excuse to get an unbelievable print of an animal into your home.

We’ve selected ten of our favourites below – check them out:

The fundraiser sees internationally renowned wildlife photographers donating one of their photos to be sold for a limited time at just $100. So far, more than 15,000 wildlife prints have been sold and delivered to wildlife lovers around the world.

Prints for Wildlife鈥檚 third outing will launch on August 28, 2022, with limited numbers of prints available for $100 from over 130 photographers, including Beverley Joubert, Drew Doggett, Karim Illya, Ami Vitale, Joachim Schmeisser, Will Burrard-Lucas, Marsel van Oosten and Ga毛l Ruboneka Vande weghe. No less than 100 per cent of profits go to African Parks, who currently manage 20 parks in 11 countries, including Kafue (Zambia), Akagera (Rwanda) and Liwonde (Malawi) National Parks, on behalf of African governments for the benefit of local communities and wildlife, the largest and most ecologically diverse portfolio of protected areas in Africa under rehabilitation by any one organisation.

鈥淭he incredible success of Prints for Wildlife came as a much-needed reminder that, even in times of crisis, humanity can come together to spread hope and do good for our planet,鈥 says Marion Payr. 鈥淲ildlife conservation, protecting valuable biomes and supporting communities has now found a place in the hearts and, with the stunning art of all the generous photographers, on the walls of thousands of homes across the globe.鈥

There are some legitimately crazy shots in this collection 鈥 just check the gallery above. If this doesn鈥檛 make you want to board a plane and head straight to Africa, then we鈥檙e not sure what will.

Live out your James Bond fantasies

Ever wanted to be James Bond for a day? In the Northern Territory, you can.

00Seven are a Darwin company offering epic Bond-themed adventures, on both water and land.

get lost took on the Casino Royale tour 鈥 a jet-ski adventure at full throttle along Darwin鈥檚 waterfront.

Fly along at long sun drenched, unspoilt coastlines while spotting marine life, feeding fish and enjoying the thrill of the pristine, open water. The tour goes over World War Two shipwrecks, and past Darwin鈥檚 iconic Mindil Beach Casino, making it feel as if you鈥檙e in hot pursuit of Le Chiffre following a high-stakes poker game.

All of the jet skis are named after Bond girls (get lost found itself on Pussy Galore) with the best tours running at sunrise and sunset, with the stunning ambience of Darwin鈥檚 famed red skyline providing the perfect backdrop.

As well as Casino Royale, other excellent picks are Golden Eye (an amateur photography class, by jet-ski) and Espresso Martini tour (an express session, with a 鈥榮ecret鈥 mission).

Back on land, the Moonraker, Licence to Thrill and Skyfall four-wheeler tours through Charles Darwin National Park are epic adventures in their own right, taking in wild trails, World War Two ammunition storage spots, bunkers and more.

The company is a well-oiled machine, with free photography and videos a part of the tour at the end of the day, and knowledgeable guides providing information along the way.

All skills and experience levels are welcome 鈥 you don鈥檛 have to be a Bond-level marksman, and doing a flip on a jet-ski that鈥檚 on fire as you chase a bad guy is not expected.


Darwin can be visited at anytime, but is definitely best during the dry season, from May to October each year.

Temperatures are generally in the late 20s and the Top End鈥檚 famed humidity is more than manageable during this time.

A trip to the hottest place on Earth

Everyone pines for warm weather when travelling, but 鈥榯he hottest place on earth鈥 is probably a little further than most would like to go.

The Danakil Depression has been described as the least hospitable place on the face of this planet, with an average daily temperature of 46 degrees Celsius in summer, yet curiosity has gotten the better of intrepid travellers which have started to visit over the last couple of decades.

Insane geological formations of fluoro-bright sulphur will genuinely make you feel as though you鈥檙e on another planet.

There’s three-day, two night trips to the Danakil Depression that also take in a trip to the edge of the equally otherworldly Erta Ale: a glowing, furious (and active) volcano deep into the ground, which is probably the most accessible volcano of it’s kind in the world. It’s important to note that this is for the intrepid – extreme temperatures and the nature of the landscape mean this is not a destination for everyone.

Erta Ale.

But travel is all about getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing places that are nothing like home, and this certainly fits that bill. Plus, you can always say you鈥檝e spent a couple of nights in the world鈥檚 least hospitable location (not including that share house you lived in when you were 21).

The future is here: get your own flying car

Imagine rocking up to work in your own personal helicopter.

It鈥檚 funny to try and imagine the conversation that led to the creation of The Jetson ONE; 鈥淓veryone I鈥檝e got it: what about a drone鈥 but we fly it ourselves?鈥

It鈥檚 a ludicrous idea, and we absolutely love it. The Jetson ONE is described as a 鈥榩ersonal electric aerial vehicle鈥, although the Chief Technical Officer of the Swedish company calls it a 鈥榩ersonal helicopter鈥. It鈥檚 got a top speed of 101 kilometres per hour, and incredibly, weighs in at just 86 kilograms. This isn鈥檛 one of those 鈥榝lying car concepts鈥 鈥 this is an actual product which you can buy (there are still several buyers wanted for the 2023 intake). Yes, it is a bit of a luxury to have a flying vehicle for shits and giggles, but hey 鈥 if we had the money, we鈥檇 be snapping one up.

The Jetson ONEs are built in Sweden, but are available the world over.