issue 57

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Arid savannahs and pristine lagoons? Of course. Safaris, sundowners and a front-row view of the local wildlife ? For sure. Partying until sun up in deserts and city skylines? You bet. You see, we know about that Africa trip you've been dreaming of (yep, even your fantasies about holding a lion cub above your head and singing Hakuna Matata). And to aid your planning, we've uncovered the coolest of the cool that this epic continent has to offer. Your adventure starts here. We also explore the vibrant streets of New York City's Lower East Side after dark, discover a new kind of zen in Malaysia, explore the backcountry of New Zealand, and cross over into a paradise above and below the surface on Australia's Lord Howe Island. Plus, we've got tales from Catalonia, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland, the Philippines and more.