issue 60

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Hands up if you’ve ever considered logging off, shutting down and escaping to the most remote corner of the globe for a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of modern life? Us too, which is why in the 60th issue of get lost Magazine we go off the grid to share with you 12 destinations, tours, lodgings and experiences that will allow you to do just that. From a desert safari through the Moroccan sand dunes to an icy igloo high up in the Himalayas, these dozen epic adventures will inspire you to look up from your phone and reconnect with the fascinating world around you. This issue isn’t all about isolation though, we also join Dreamtime Dive & Snorkel’s inaugural trip to the Great Barrier Reef, uncover Israel’s best-kept ancient secrets, cruise the cold Arctic waters in search of polar bears, celebrate crocodiles with the tribes of PNG and join in on a very risqué festival in Athens. Plus, we share stories from Uganda, Philadelphia, Basel, Oman and Indonesia’s Alor Archipelago.