issue 67

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We can learn so much more from our travels than any school or university degree. That's why in this special issue of get lost we're not just showing you all the places we want to visit in 2021, we've highlighted the 48 reasons why we all simply, absolutely, categorically must travel again.

Do you want to travel again to test your tastebuds? Do you want to travel so you can stay in the most lavish hotel room you can find? Or do you just desperately need that pulse-quickening, adrenaline experience to remind you that you¹re still alive? Whatever your reason, use this new issue to help you realign your travel purpose for the year ahead. 

Elsewhere in the magazine, we brave the wild Southern Ocean on a small Tasmanian yacht, we wrestle crocodiles for our dinner in the Sollies and we fill our cups in the mellow Kiwi surf town of Raglan.

Enjoy all that and so much more in issue 67 of get lost Travel Magazine.