Circa Hotel & Casino is a new behemoth property in Sin City, geared entirely towards rabid American sports fans.

The first new casino-resort to open in downtown Vegas since 1980, Circa now sits head and shoulders above its ageing predecessors — both physically and metaphorically — boasting an amphitheatre-style pool dubbed ‘Stadium Swim’, an enormous sports bar (which is, in fact, Nevada’s largest indoor bar spanning 50 metres) and a three-story indoor betting stadium (yes, you read that correctly). This is the hottest ticket in town for America’s sun-seekers and sports lovers. Just be sure to bring a fat wallet for the booze and betting tables.

From AU$225 per night

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YouTube superstar couple, Johnny and Iz Harris are no strangers to visiting unique properties around the world, so when given the opportunity to renovate and design their own forest retreat just outside their home in Washington DC they grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Taking a historic and dilapidated church from the late 1800s, the couple completely transformed the former place of worship into the ultimate entertaining pad with enough room for an entire family. Some properties are just built to be most enjoyed during winter and the Shenandoah Church House is one of those, with its roaring indoor fireplace and outdoor seven-seater hot tub.

From AU$438 per night.

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Arcana’s extraordinary mirrored cabins in the Canadian woods really are a secret – from before you book until you arrive.

You’re not told where you are you are staying until after you book (all we know is that they’re within a few hours drive of Toronto) and when you do arrive, the shimmering mirrored walls of the cabins give the impression they are camouflaged.

There’s forest bathing and hiking but if it’s us, we’re hanging out in the cabin…invisible to the rest of the world.

Washington D.C. After Dark

get lost’s man on the ground Roberto Serrini is no stranger to being out and about in a foreign city after dark, so he’s a good judge when it comes to this sort of thing.

We recently sent him to Washington D.C., and amongst finding a brand new food halls with epic, upmarket American favourites and the super cool, slightly creepy International Spy Museum…

The Garden District, Washington D.C.

…he was also able to show us where to go on a night out in the ‘Murican capital.

Perch yourself up at a bar and let the experts do their thing.

Check it out:

Join the Mile High Club above Vegas

Ever wanted to join the Mile High Club? No need to bother with cramped Qantas toilets.

There’s an actual flight you can take where you and your spouse/significant other/lover you met at Bingo can get down to business while the plane you’re on flies 5,280 feet up in the air. And yes, for those playing along at home – that is exactly one mile in the air.

In what is possibly the most Vegas thing ever, Love Cloud are a ‘scenic’ flight tour company that offer short ‘joy rides’ over Vegas. For $995, you get your own cabin just back from the cockpit, with “custom made romantic interiors, a wireless sound and light system, red satin sheets, sex position pillows and cushions, and a custom made foam mattress to make your flight extremely comfortable.”

If you’re more of a ground-level sort of operator when it comes to getting frisky, Love Cloud also do romantic three-course dinners ($1,595) as well as weddings (weirdly cheaper at $1,195).

But it’s the ‘MHC Flights’ that are most popular, with participants even receiving ‘His and Her Mile High Club VIP Certificate Cards’ which you’ll be able to proudly display at home for friends and family to see.

We just hope there’s no turbulence.

Eating your way around DC’s Western Market

OMG yum. Get in my belly.

get lost’s man on the ground Roberto Serrini took on Washington DC’s Western Market not so long ago…and won. Comprehensively.

The Western Market is a food hall which has only been open for about a year. Set in the colourfully named Foggy Bottom neighbourhood, this is no ordinary food hall.

Here, there’s dozens of vendors but ONLY top of the line culinary experiences.

Think lobster rolls, Bandoola bowls, burgers…you know, all the good stuff.

Check out foodie Roberto’s top tips below:

Become a spy for a day

Ever thought you would make a great undercover agent?

If you’ve got an everyday job like an accountant or a nurse but have watched a lot of spy movies and have secretly always fancied yourself as a 007 type of operator, then this might be for you.

get lost sent our man on the ground Roberto Serrini (undercover, of course) to the International Spy Museum in Washington DC recently, to see if he’d make the grade.

See how he fared below:

Safari, Scotch and Cigars in a Tent

At get lost we don’t spend a lot of time in tents. But if it meant trying a variety of expertly curated scotches and accompanying cigars, we probably would.

Meet Safari Tent: a two hour, private scotch and cigar tasting experience where you chill out in finely-decorated luxury tents, each with comfy old-man armchairs, rich wood floors, oriental rugs, wood plank ceilings and other rustic touches.

The tent is a pop-up in Rhode Island from Preserve, who do lots of cool shit like this, and the tastings themselves come from legendary brands Laphroaig and Cobina.

As well as this, there’s some charcuterie, chocolate and roasted nuts to go with. You’ll truly feel like royalty….in a tent.

Now this is camping we can get into.

Go Downtown in Mexico City

Mujers and hombres: this is Mexico City in 2021.

Mexico City is emerging as a destination for architecturally stunning hotels, and Downtown Hotel is no different. It’s a boutique hotel of thoughtful design that looks like it could be both the perfect place to unwind, or wind-up – whatever you’re feeling

The seemingly strange bedfellows of 17th century colonialist opulence and historically simplistic Mexican minimalism work together beautifully, like a champion Mexican wrestling tag-team.

The rooftop bar and pool is to die for, an oasis of calm in a bustling city that is anything but. The hotel is located in trendy La Condesa, an upmarket jungle of bistros and art galleries.


The Best Drone on the Market

The human race is obsessed with drones at the moment, and for good reason: they’re fricking awesome.

The DJI Mavic 3 has just been released, and drone experts (doctors of the drone, droneis considered the best that exists. Seriously, this thing is super cool.

Previous versions of the Mavic have been the gold standard for drones for a few years, and there’s a hype around this one that appears to be justified, judging from the footage below.

You can fly these for up to 46 minutes, which is 15 longer than any previous Mavic. There’s a couple of cameras in there, for different uses, but it’s the 5k video quality that you come for – we’re talking crystal clear here.

It’s got a price tag to match the hype but with Black Friday coming up, you might be able to find a deal somewhere…and even if you don’t it’s worth it.

Just don’t follow the lead of these guys: