A Holy Pilgrimage: Boudhanath StupaKathmandu, Nepal

In a city filled with the incessant tooting of taxis and rickshaws, and stall owners selling their wares, Boudhanath Stupa is a peaceful retreat nestled among the constant hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. Built during the fourteenth century, the stupa is situated near the outskirts of the city in Bouda, and has been an important place for pilgrimage and meditation for Tibetan Buddhists and local Nepali people for centuries.

Get close to the divine as you walk around the white dome in a clockwise direction to pay your respects, inhaling sweet incense and blooming marigolds, listening to the hypnotic tune of chiming prayer wheels being turned and monks chanting as they make their way around the temple's base. Once you’ve completed your journey, climb to a balcony at one of the surrounding cafes or the monastery for panoramic views of the city and mountains. Damaged during Nepal’s devastating 2015 earthquakes, the stupa is currently being restored but is still open to visitors who wish to experience its spiritual and humbling atmosphere.

get there

Thai Airways flies to Kathmandu via Thailand from a range of destinations worldwide.

Entrance into the stupa costs around US$1.40 – a small price to pay to feel closer to the divine!

Make sure to walk clockwise around the stupa and turn the prayer wheels – this is the traditional way to pay your respects and have your wishes granted.

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