Adrenaline-pumping bobsled rideSigulda, Latvia

Feel your guts lurch and your body throb with pure adrenaline as you hurtle down a bobsled track in the Latvian town of Sigulda. Used by the Olympic team to train, this run is one of just 17 tracks around the world (only a handful of them are open to the public). Strap on a crash helmet, jump into a four-person sled with an Olympic athlete at the helm and whip through 16 turns, smashing speeds up to 110 kilometres an hour over 1,420 metres of ice.

You’ll be at the mercy of gravity and your driver as you hit 5 G-force on ‘the wall’, the track’s final corner. Once you’ve experienced the Olympic treatment, finish with a victory lap on the tourist bob to help your heartbeat return to normal.

Travel Out There runs bobsled trips from November to March for about US$90.

Hurtling down an icy chute in a Coke can at breakneck speeds requires nerves of steel, we reckon…

Travel Out There

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