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Cruise the heart of the Coral Triangle amongst tropical islands where wildlife, culture and age-old traditions coalesce. Experience the world's best diving and snorkelling sites and traverse the fabled global spice trade route aboard a boutique luxury cruise line.

Aqua Blu is Aqua Expeditions' first ever coastal ship, and first ever long-range expedition-class yacht to be permanently based in the East Indonesian Archipelago with year-round departures.

With 15 individually-designed sea-facing suites in three cabin categories, Aqua Blu will welcome guests with on-board certified dive guides and a range of luxurious amenities including a sun deck, indoor lounge and bar, outdoor jacuzzi, spa and top-of-the-line non-motorised watersports equipment such as diving and snorkelling gear, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards.

The East Indonesian Archipelago has more than 1000 species of fish, 260 species of reef-building coral, 70 species of sponges, and a smatter of dugong, sharks, manta rays, whales, dolphins and sea turtles.

Aqua Blu will serve the following three destinations on 7-night coastal cruise itineraries: Raja Amat, Bali-Komodo National Park and the Ambon and Spice Islands.

The magnificent Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its volcanic-sculpted Pink Beach and biodiversity that includes the Komodo Dragon, orange-footed scrub and Timor deer.

Raja Ampat, located in the Bird’s Head Peninsula in West Papua, and Indonesia’s second easternmost province, is a land of glittering, blue waters and unique rock formations. The region is home to endemic and rare bird species, including the exquisite Wilson’s bird of paradise; more than 600 species of corals, and 1500 species of tropical marine fish.

Comprising more than 1000 islands with a backdrop of Gunung Banda Api (Fire Mountain), an active volcano that’s also a hiker’s and birdwatchers’ favourite; the Spice Islands in the Maluku region was once the center of the global spice trade. Underwater, the Spice Islands houses a unique collection of marine life, after lava flow from a 1988 Gunung Banda Api eruption set off a massive rebirth of coral reefs. Today, these underwater gardens are among the liveliest and most diverse marine habitats in the East Indonesian Archipelago.

From August 1, 2020, the Aqua Nera will be embarking on luxury tours of the Peruvian Amazon.

Designed and built to become the most state-of-the-art river boat to ever sail the Amazon, Aqua Nera will present guests with a luxuriously-appointed boat equipped with restaurant, lounge and spa, river-facing plunge pool and gym.

Called Limited Cross-Destination Voyages, there will be a maximum of four departures a year, each sailing a different route. Rates for 7 and 12-night Aqua Blu itineraries range from US$7525 to US$16,475 per person in double occupancy.

Aqua Nera will offer 3, 4 and 7-night river cruise itineraries with rates ranging from US$4125 to US$10,325 per person in double occupancy.

Bookings for Aqua Expeditions cruises are available through your travel agent or Aqua Expeditions Australia on
1300 124 204 or

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Water-based excursions will cater to both certified divers as well as leisure snorkelers.

Aqua Blu begins service on 16 November 2019 and will primarily serve three destinations on 7-night coastal cruise itineraries:

  • Raja Ampat (Round-trip; December through to February; 10 departures/year)
  • Bali Komodo National Park (Bi-directional; April to September; 23 departures/year)
  • Ambon and Spice Islands (Round-trip; October to November; 7 departures/year)

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