Feast on Rarotonga's most authentic fare with localsRarotonga, Cook Islands

If you've ever lamented not being able to indulge in the odd dinner party while abroad then fret no longer: you can dine with not one, but three different families on Rarotonga's Progressive Dinner Tour, stopping at different houses for your starter, main and dessert. From cool tiled terraces overlooking the hills to tables lined up on the front lawn of old colonial houses and spreads laid on in back gardens where the ocean laps the shore, the magical mystery tour promises a different house (and experience) each time.

While every family will showcase their own signature dishes, it's unlikely you'll hit the hay without sampling ika mata, a raw, white fish dish that's marinated with coconut cream and 'cooked' with lemon juice; violet rounds of dense yet creamy taro; and platters full of tropical fresh fruit, perfect for cutting through Rarotonga's balmy climes. All while listening to the mellifluous sounds of your designated drivers playing the ukulele. And as one host pointed out, the tour offers access to the heart of a Rarotonga you mightn't have seen before: "We know you have come here to eat local food, to talk to locals. It's not always genuine in the hotels, but we – we are genuine."

get there

Air New Zealand flies direct to Rarotonga from Sydney once weekly.

The progressive dinner costs around US$70 and includes wine, soft drinks, all transfers and three courses.

The tour can be booked through Viator.

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