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Sometimes life needs a spark. What better way to breathe fire into your life than learning to walk across hot coals in your bare feet. Learning to master firewalking can work for your self-development, confidence and team-building skills. Who knew?

Generations of civilisations have taken part in this timeless tradition, including the Vikings, Cretans and Samoans. It’s a case of mind over matter as you delicately pad through searing coals packing a temperature of up to 800ºC.

By the end of a Napkapu Firewalking Retreat you’ll feel as if you can achieve anything. And in that spirit, you may also like to try the retreat’s other offerings, such as glass walking, breaking arrows with your throat or putting needles through your hand. Go on, we know you want to.

You can participate in a 4 Seasons Firewalking event for US$120, which includes accommodation for a night and three meals.

Only one to two per cent of people ever get an injury so it’s surprisingly safe.

Napkapu Firewalking

You are required to first mentally prepare for firewalking, but you’re never forced to join in. The events do sell out early, so make sure you book in advance if you’d like to attend.

Ready to go?

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