Chill out with South Georgia's penguinsSt Andrew's Bay, South Georgia

We bet you've never had a welcome party of 300,000 king penguins before, but that's exactly what you can expect when you reach St Andrew's Bay, in the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia.

Your arrival via Zodiac® means you can get up close to these magnificent creatures, who blanket the black sand beaches of the south-Atlantic Ocean island every November to begin their breeding and nesting season.

As the second largest species of penguin in the world, king penguins stand nearly one metre in height and are easily identifiable thanks to their glistening white chests (which they love to puff out during mating season) and striking orange-yellow plumage. And it's not just penguins that reside on South Georgia, with black-browed albatrosses and humpback whales, plus fur and southern elephant seals all calling the island home.

Exploring this remarkable landscape with you will be a team of experienced naturalist guides, whose knowledge and expertise on the region ensures no question - no matter how tricky - will go unanswered.

The best way to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for yourself is to jump aboard a polar voyage with National Geographic Expeditions. They run a number of explorations between South America and the Antarctic Peninsula, including the upcoming Beyond the Polar Circle cruise, departing 15 January 2020.

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This experience is all part of your cruise with National Geographic Expeditions, which departs from and returns to Buenos Aires.

As long as you can manoeuvre across the ice fields and black sand beach of St Andrew’s Bay, you’ll be fine.

National Geographic Expeditions

This ice-cold tip was provided by National Geographic Expeditions, but we’re sharing it with you because who doesn’t want to party with the penguins?

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