Gravity max on Taiwan's scariest rideTaiwan, Taichung City

When it comes to roller coaster construction, surely the general rule of thumb is that the track should be fully complete 'with no obvious gaps' before it gets the green light for real-life human passengers? Apparently not, according to the crazy people behind the Gravity Max at Taiwan's Lihpao Land theme park.

The thrill (if you can even call it that) of this ride is that it ascends dizzyingly fast to the very edge of a seemingly track-less horizontal platform, before tilting forward to a 90-degree angle pausing for dramatic effect and maximum scares, of course and magically reconnecting to the downward track. It then proceeds to shoot through a pitch-black tunnel and straight into a 360-degree vertical loop, reaching a max speed of 90 kilometres an hour and 3.5 Gs of force.

The Gravity Max is the world's only tilting roller coaster, is the first with a true 90-degree drop, and it goes for a blood-curdling two minutes and 26 seconds. Ride at your own peril.

If you buy one-day ticket for Lihpao Land that includes Discovery World and Mala Bay, the entrance fee will be US$44.

Lihpao Resort

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