Kazakhstan's sunken lake Tian Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan

Along the ancient paths of the infamous Silk Road lies the untouched beauty of Kazakhstan. Far from the tourist trail, these lands have remained a well-kept secret, none moreso than the mystical Lake Kaindy, which sits 2000 metres above sea level. In the early 1900s when a vicious earthquake struck and a limestone landslide ensued, the gorge became blocked and eventually water cascading down from the mountains above formed the 400-metre-long lake, swallowing dozens of Asian spruce trees along its banks.

Infused with limestone deposits, the water’s seemingly unnatural greenish-blue hues are punctured by stark white tree trunks, which are still standing tall, and cast eerie reflections in the glassy surface, while below leaves still cling to their branches, preserved by the lake’s cold temps. With multiple companies offering tours to Lake Kaindy and the breathtaking sights surrounding it, this forest is well worth the hike. 

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