Secrets of SudanKhartoum, Sudan

It doesn’t rate highly on any tourist hot lists, but fascinating Sudan is a forgotten paradise, home to ancient pyramids, royal temples and mysterious archaeological wonders. It’s also a place of great natural beauty, where sand dunes, palm trees and the colossal Nile River dominate the dramatic arid landscape. On this eye-opening 12-day voyage with MT Sobek, you’ll experience the history, culture and dazzling scenery firsthand, discovering a side to Sudan that often goes unreported.

Enthusiastic locals will welcome you to desert camps, knowledgeable guides will lead you through tombs and souks, and you’ll marvel at traditional whirling dervishes. There’s even a Nile River cruise that leads to the Nuri pyramids. This tour will redefine everything you believed about travelling to this rarely visited part of the world.

12-day Ancient Kingdoms of Sudan treks with MT Sobek start from US$5200.

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You possibly don’t know a whole lot about Sudan, but this is a country...

You possibly don’t know a whole lot about Sudan, but this is a country blessed with an...