See the Midnight PharoahLuxor, Egypt

The curse of the pharaohs – the belief that anyone who disturbs the tomb of an ancient mummy will be cursed with bad luck, illness or death – is legendary in Egypt.

The ancient royal tombs pockmarking Luxor, including that of King Tutankhamun, are famous for their foreboding and mystique. But there’s another ghostly force at play that’s an even greater enigma.

At midnight, an Egyptian pharaoh can reportedly be seen blazing through the Valley of the Kings on a chariot led by black phantom horses. According to witnesses, the ghostly figure is an eerie sight as he gallops past wearing a golden collar and headdress. If you see him, best to get out of the way.

To get a full experience of the ancient structures of Luxor, stay a few nights and head out during the day with a guide. 

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Mara Hotel staff are able to pick you up from Luxor Airport. Once in Luxor, the best way to get around is by using taxis with set prices, but you can also take a caleche (horse carriage) or sail a beautiful felucca (small boat) down the Nile.

A stay at the boutique Mara House Luxor costs about US$50 per night. For US$330 you can stay for three nights and the hotel will organise a guide to show you several main tourist spots in Luxor, including the Valley of the Kings.

Mara House Luxor

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