Central America & Caribbean


vital statistics
  • Havana
  • 11 million
  • Spanish
  • Cuban peso
about Cuba

Cuba needs little introduction. Few nations evoke such strong images with the mere mention of their name – cigar-smoking revolutionaries, photogenic old-school cars and even older buildings. Add to the mix a fascinating history, stunning beaches, lush countryside and the ability to surprise you at every turn with the quirks of its unique branch of Communism.

You won’t be able to escape la musica, and why would you want to? Whether it’s watching traditional Son bands (think Buena Vista Social Club but better) or partaking in some rum and serious rumba, you will end up moving your feet and probably a lot more.

The phrase “now is the time to go” is often thrown around, but in this case you absolutely should. With US embargoes lifted and direct flights from the States now happening, the changes in this country where time seemed to stand still will be swift. See it while it still packs a hell of a punch.

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