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vital statistics
  • St George’s
  • 106,000
  • English
  • Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$)
about Grenada

The sun-soaked Caribbean offers a wealth of destinations, but if you’re looking for an unspoiled gem then Grenada will spoil you. The first thing you’ll notice is the scent of nutmeg drifting from the plantations – it’s no wonder Grenada is also known as the Spice Isle.

Lesser known than its more famous neighbours – Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados – it boasts some of the best beaches in the world, virgin rainforest, mountain hiking with hypnotic views, and snorkelling in crystal clear waters. For something completely different on that front, spend some time exploring the underwater gallery of sculptures at Molinere Bay.

Capital St George’s sits around a picturesque horseshoe-shaped Carenage Harbour. Its narrow streets are perfect for wandering, and there are plenty of places to rest and sample the locally brewed beer, Carib, or a rum punch.

There are two other islands – Carriacou and Petite Martinique – that make up the country. The former is surrounded by shallow reefs, so is great for snorkellers, and it’s also home to most of Grenada’s musical heritage. Carnival here involves soca music, dancing, colourful costumes and a much more unusual tradition: on Fat (Shrove) Tuesday, pairs of masked men roam the island reciting lines from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. To get away from anything, do the short ferry trip to Petite Mart, as the locals call it. Here, people still make a living building boats and fishing. If you’re lucky you might even see the launching of a new boat on one of your leisurely strolls around the island.

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