Be Ready for a Winter Adventure

Be Ready for a Winter Adventure

This winter, stay warm and dry thanks to the latest threads by Mountain Designs.

International travel might be off the cards for now, but that doesn’t mean we’re not taking full advantage of the Australian ski slopes, which have now reopened for business. Although it's been a late start to the ski season, resorts are already starting to book out across New South Wales and Victoria, with restricted numbers allowed. Staggered lift ticket sales, accommodation bookings prioritised and limited sale periods have booking sites going into overdrive.

Thankfully, the weather is playing along nicely. Mount Buller, Mount Hotham and Falls Creek have already had an icy start to winter, with nice powder falling. Thredbo is a late starter, but the season is expecting great things throughout July and August, as it does every year.

As a ski or snowboard lover, the big question is: are you ready to hit the slopes?

Preparing for the Slopes

If you’ve already booked, or you’re one of the thousands desperately trying to secure your spot on the mountains this winter, it’s time to get ready. And by 'ready' we mean making sure you have all the gear you need for a fantastic weekend (or week) of play.

Mountain Designs is easily one of the most recognisable brands in the world when it comes to winter clothing, with top-of-the-range jackets, vests, tops, pants and more available for the entire family. They provide everything you could possibly need to stay warm, dry and protected, from the base to the top.

Base Layers

If you’re a seasoned snow king or queen, you know that the base layer is a second skin – and a must-have when you’re heading out on the mountains. Mountain Designs’ Merino Thermals are by far the pick of the bunch. Based on Woolmark® certified, 100 per cent Australian merino wool, the thermals are innovative, high performance and designed for comfort. Depending on your choice of product, the base layers are either entry-level polypro, 100 per cent wool or a merino wool and recycled polyester blend. Either way, they’re designed to dry fast, which is exactly what you need when you spend the entire day in snow, ice and puddles. Plus, they also wick perspiration away from your skin so you stay dry (and stink-free) while still being warm and breathable. You’ll barely notice you have them on!

Top Layer

Mountain Designs has a new range of softshell snow pants that are designed to allow you to perform all your favourite tricks without missing a beat. They’re heavy duty and durable, but at the same time remain stretchy and adjustable.

Men’s and women’s jackets and vests are a must-have for the ski season, and Mountain Designs has a huge range of colours and designs. One of the best products ever introduced are Mountain Designs' 100 per cent RDS Goose Down vests. You’re unlikely to find anything warmer. They’re durable, water repellent and lightweight, not to mention easy to pack in your bag as they compress easily (and don’t lose their shape). Snow jackets with synthetic insulation or stretchy full fleece jackets that are quick to dry and wind resistant are another great option.

Wet Weather

With Mountain Designs' range of women’s and men’s rain jackets, it doesn’t matter if you’re up the mountain covered in snow or hitting the trails when the sleet or rain hits, you’ll be protected, warm and comfortable. GORE-TEX® fabric is particularly popular as it's waterproof, windproof and fully seam sealed. It also has a durable water repellent finish and the two-layer PACLITE®fabric technology makes the jacket more breathable, lightweight and easy to pack – so you can take it anywhere!

The best thing about Mountain Designs is that it's an Aussie brand that's been producing winter and snow gear specifically designed for the Aussie slopes since its inception almost 50 years ago.

This feature is sponsored by Mountain Designs, but we know you love good quality outdoor gear as much as we do, so we thought you'd like it.

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