Beer around the world

Beer around the world

The first Friday of every August marks International Beer Day, and while we don’t need a reason to crack open a cold one, we’re happy to participate. Naturally, we want to do it the get lost way so we’re taking you with us on an imaginary pub-crawl around the world. Here are just some of our favourite spots to stop and sip a brewski.

Get the Irish beer experience

For those who like to get hands on with their beer, the Smithwick’s Experience is an interactive brewery tour that’ll let you get involved in the process while you fall even more in love with Irish beer.


Vietnamese Breakfast beer

See the kegs roll out of the brewery and straight on to the streets of Hanoi. Enjoying bia hơi (fresh beer) as a breakfast chaser is all part of the fun.


Beer and history in Hobart

Not only is this Cascade Brewery in Hobart famous for one of the most well known beers, Cascade Brewery is also steeped in history. Started by an ex-con who concocted the idea in his jail cell, the brewery has stood the test of time


Beer newbies

We can’t fathom what it would be like to go without beer, but that’s exactly what Iceland did until 1989. Since then they have made up for every lost second of beer-less boredom.


Sake and beer

You’d probably expect sake to be the traditional drink of choice when visiting Japan, but Kiuchi Brewery in Naka offer the best of both worlds.


Brooklyn, breweries and beers

Nothing goes better with a slice of New York pizza that a cold pint. Hop over the bridge to Williamsburg and take a tour of Brooklyn Brewery... tastings of amber goodness included.


Japan in Hong Kong… and beer

Hidden away in the backstreets of Hong Kong, Bar Ozu has all the best tastes of Japan. Confused? Don't worry, just take a seat on the comfy couches and knock back a brew or two.


Oktoberfest beers have come early

Join Germany’s thriving nightlife and hit the town in search of the best place for a nip. Our tip is to head straight to the trendy pews of Twinpigs in Neukölln, one of Berlin’s coolest boroughs.


Beer from heaven

Loof will see you singing to the heavens when you try their variety of Asian oriented beers. This rooftop bar offers a variety of flavours and a killer view of Singapore’s skyline.



This takes pub crawls to new heights. Jump in a helicopter and soar over Queensland’s expansive landscape stopping off at a variety of Aussie pubs to down a drink or two and watch the passers by.




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