The most surprising places

The most surprising places

We asked some of our editorial team to tell us about a place that left them surprised, in one way or another.

The answers were... surprising:

Grapevine, Texas

"Not for nothing, but if you're doing it right, every place you go should surprise you a bit.

"For me it's always the unspoken corners of the world that end up blowing my mind. The Chattanooga's, General Santos Cities and the Ottawa's of the world. I mean ever hear of Grapevine, Texas? Well this will be my 4th trip in the same amount of years, and considering I've done Amalfi to Antarctica in that time, there has got to be something seriously surprising to keep me coming back (hint: it's a total eclipse and a pickle back shot at AJ's)."

Roberto Serrini, Contributor



"There’s this really far-flung island, you probably haven’t heard of it…it’s called Bali? I’d heard the stories; overrated and overran by drunk parasites. When I went last year for the first time, on assignment, I was very, very ready to turn my nose up at it.

"Plot twist: I absolutely loved it.

"Teenagers and early-twenty-somethings can go to Bali to party and have the time of their life, but so too can a married couple of 40 years to relax and reconnect. It’s ideal for honeymooners and divorcees, clean eaters and neckbeard-nesters, full-moon types, families, the bookworm, the adventurer and the person who just needs to go somewhere – anywhere. You know the one.

"Bali is beautiful, chaotic, delicious and refreshing, depending on what you want it to be. Don’t ever believe a stuck-up travel writer who tells you otherwise."

Tim McGlone, Editor



"I thought my days of indulging at an all-you-can eat buffet were over, until I went to Dubai. Things I expected: tall buildings, traffic and sand dunes. What I didn’t expect: how unbelievably cheap all-you-can brunches are there.

"Given the amount of activities available across the thriving metropolis that is Dubai, I never expected their foodie culture to be so big – and cheap! It just makes financial sense to go to a weekend brunch. And the savings to be made at a brunch helps to soothe the pain of how pricey a cuppa joe is in Dubai."

Sarah Maree Cameron, Contributor

Is there a place that has (for better or for worse) surprised you?

Tell us about it - 

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