Wes Anderson Style Stays

Wes Anderson Style Stays

It’s been quite the transformation for filmmaker Wes Anderson in recent years, whose surrealist films have gone from Avant Garde to trending on social media.

Even if you haven’t seen The Grand Budapest Hotel (which you NEED to watch, btw) you know the aesthetic, and you know the trend: bright pastel colours in aesthetically pleasing scenes marked by complete symmetry, with dainty background music to boot.

To mark Wes’ latest film, Asteroid City, AirBnB and get lost have found five stays where you can live out your wildest Wes Anderson-themed dreams – BYO ludicrous adventure.

1. Retro Caravan Nights, Auckland, New Zealand

Claris is a rebuilt 10.4' Clipper Caravan that was saved from demolition on a north island farm 2 years ago.  Now it's a pastel coloured dream in Omana Clifftop Regional Park in New Zealand, on the doorstep of Hauraki Gulf. We absolutely love this little gem.

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2. Futuro styled Flying Saucer, Redberth, UK

This one is much more Asteroid City than it is French Dispatch or Grand Budapest Hotel. It's a spaceship in the English countryside that consists of a double bed and two single beds, which can be used as sofas. There is a monitor for gaming classic 80's games like space invaders and defender and the hatch is remote controlled.  There is also an escape hatch in case of emergency, which sounds quite cool to us: "QUICK, THE ALIENS ARE HERE, THEY KNOW WE STOLE THEIR CAR... TO THE EMERGENCY CHUTE!"

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3. Secret Suite, Oia, Greece

At 'Secret Suite', which probably isn't that secret given we're sharing it to our audience as a global travel inspiration magazine, you've got the best of both worlds. It's like a pastel version of your classic Mediterranean white and blue, still overlooking a tranquil slice of heaven that is Amoudi Bay, a 200 step walk from Oia town. Some Greek nationalists and architecture purists might turn their nose up at the colours here but to us, it is glorious.


4. The Pink Flat, Madrid, Spain

We're not sure how big Wes is in the Spanish-speaking world, but these guys have clearly come under his influence stylistically.

Bright pink everything and slightly futuristic, the flat is right in the middle of the Spanish capital. Madrid is trendy af right now, and this is a cool and affordable place to stay, which would make you trendy: level omega.

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5. Greek Retro, Thessaloniki, Greece

Back to Greece, where we find part of the owners description of this assuring us:

“There is no reason to fear the special entrance of the apartment building, nor the speed of the elevator, as they are both parts of the scene!”

We’re not entirely sure what that means - does the elevator go really fast, or really slowly -  but it does sound exciting. There are plenty of elevator scenes in The Grand Budapest Hotel in particular, so this New York loft-style apartment gets the nod on this list. We also love the bookcase.


Words Tim McGlone

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