Papua New Guinea’s colourful celebration

First you feel the thumping in your chest, then you hear it. The rhythmic beat of kundu (drums) by the Enga Province men mixed with the smell of canola oil on human flesh that signals the official start of the Hagen Show.

The Hagen Show is an annual sing-sing (the word means gathering) and it features the coming together of dozens of tribal groups in Papua New Guinea’s highland city of Mt Hagen. The show in the town’s rugby stadium was first held in 1961 before the country’s independence as an attempt to unify warring tribes and preserve the region’s traditions. Now it occurs each year in August. Check the dates at

Photography: Jeremy Drake


Dayak Iban of Borneo

Travel into the depths of the Indonesian jungle in West Kalimantan, Borneo, and you will find the Dayak Iban. Considered the original wild men, today around 280,000 Dayak Ibans live in rumah panjai (longhouses), usually close to one of the hundreds of rivers located in the region. While the influence of modern culture is clearly visible, many villagers still follow a largely traditional lifestyle: weaving, hunting, fishing and speaking the native Iban dialect, as well as following spiritual and tribal practices including tattoos, performance, music and dance.

Photography by Mark Lehn

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Burning Man: the USA’s Desert Blowout

Every August, more than 50,000 hardy (or foolhardy) souls pack up food, sleeping bags and tents, as well as PVC pipe, thrift-store costumes, blinking lights, mechanical gizmos and enormous quantities of bottled water, and convoy out to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. On the 13 square kilometres of flat alkaline playa where they are heading – parched and grey and ringed by red-tinged mountains –there is not one native plant or insect, bird or mammal. The annual Burning Man festival is perhaps the world’s most surreal outdoor event, along with South Africa’s AfrikaBurn,

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