Rustic charm at Escape 3 Points Cape Three Points, Ghana

If ramshackle beach bars are your thing, then Escape 3 Points is paradise. Sitting pretty at the southernmost tip of Ghana, the bar offers a chill zone on a secluded sweep of silica that’s flanked by two rivers that flow to the sea and bordered by mango trees and coconut palms. With chairs and tables assembled from driftwood, recycled green bottles forming a couple of makeshift walls and nothing but sand below your soles, the feel is so exceptionally rustic that you might think the establishment coined the term.

The fruit and spices grown in Escape’s very own organic garden infuse its homemade akpeteshie, a Ghanaian moonshine made by distilling palm wine or sugar cane. Though for the less adventurous the regular gamut of cocktails, wine and beer are all on offer. With a drink in hand, relax in the comfort of your own wooden throne as the sun sinks over the Atlantic. The solar-powered speakers will provide the perfect soundtrack to your own slice of paradise.

Escape 3 Points

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