Cook Islands

vital statistics
  • Avarua
  • 15,000
  • English, Cook Islands Maori
  • New Zealand dollar, Cook Islands dollar
about Cook Islands

Kia Orana!” May you live long. How often do you step off a plane in a fatigued daze only to be blessed by the warm welcome of the smiling locals? Not often enough, we say.

And if that doesn’t brighten you up right away, the sparkling clear water gently lapping on the pure white beaches ought to sort your spirits out. The Cook Islands consists of 15 separate landmasses dotting the middle of the Polynesian triangle in the South Pacific. Visit the local brewery in Rarotonga and make some friends over a Matutu Draught. Head to the island Atiu and snorkel the coral limestone reef, or to Aitutaki, which boasts the largest lagoon in the southern hemisphere.

The people of the Cook Islands are friendly giants, proud of their rich culture, and display their strong heritage through song and dance. Food is sourced from the natural bounty of the island, with plenty of fresh seafood, tropical fruits and vegetables. Although chances are you’ll have enough dinner invitations from the locals to last you your stay.

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If eating dinner in the extension of a stranger's living room sounds...

If eating dinner in the extension of a stranger's living room sounds unappealing then...