Arena Badeschiff, the almost beach bar

Although situated far from tropical climes, Arena Badeschiff definitely deserves beach-bar status. Created from the hull of an old 32-foot vessel, the bar was originally an art project funded by the city council. Now it is the only safe place to bathe along the banks of the River Spree, and comes into its own during the long summer days. There’s sand, deck chairs, a boardwalk, table tennis and, of course, an open-air bar, making it the perfect place to escape the city heat on a sunny day.

Beers and spicy chicken fajitas are the combination of choice for revellers, as DJs fill the air with chilled-out tunes to compliment the atmosphere. In the colder months it turns into a winter village, with Swedish-inspired wooden huts, ice skating, curling and artisan stalls.

Party at Hula Hula beach bar

Hvar has a reputation for attracting well-heeled types who like to party, and Hula Hula is one spot where you’ll be sure to rub shoulders with them. Built into the rocks that line the island’s coastline, drinks here flow from dawn till well after dark. Okay, in the morning they’re more likely to be fresh juices and coffees, but the harder stuff doesn’t take long to appear.

Choose the pavilion seating areas for a signature seafood platter or a waterside lounge for a cocktail. Rent a private beach or boat, or blend in with the hordes of locals and happy travellers. The club component of Hula Hula, located back over the rocks, opens at 2am so there’s no need to go back to your hotel.

Enter the Void in Mona’s underworld lounge

Whirl down a jutting, spiral staircase and into the Void (Bar). You’ll find this subterranean establishment lurking on the lowest level of Mona; Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art, which hosts a rather unusual collection including a robotic digestive system that presents museum-goers with a Petri dish of poo daily.

Dwarfed by the vast slab of Triassic sandstone against which it rests, the sleek bar is the perfect place to sip on a brew and wax lyrical about your love of curious art. And booze – Void claims to serve the best cocktails in all of Tasmania. Indulge in a Poltergeist Bramble 20, made with locally crafted gin and house-made wild blackberry liquor, before plunging into a Modern – a delicious mix of whisky, sloe gin, absinthe and citrus.

If you’d prefer something more simple, beers from the on-site brewery, Moo Brew, are on tap, and you can admire the legs on a glass of Moorilla (from the winery next door) as you sink into an Edwardian armchair. Once you’re suitably sauced you’re ready to tackle the 6000 square metre labyrinth of provocative art.

A shot of absinthe helps the colours pop, but indulge in a second and find the museum’s wall of porcelain vaginas, or the working set of bowels, really speak to you – really. And if you need a trip to the porcelain yourself, there’s a surprise waiting in the third cubicle to the right. Be warned.

Booze and bocce at Mr Wow’s Emporium

Mr Wow’s Emporium is a bar with balls. Bottles of premium spirits, malts and house-made bitters stand proudly behind a curvaceous counter. Dusk lighting falls on brick walls and a polished concrete floor. But it’s the boules that will catch your eye. Yes, two lanes of indoor bocce, and a billiards table – bar brilliance.

There’s a boules competition every Wednesday, complete with sweet beats and liquid treats. There’s often free popcorn floating around, so grab a bowl and line your stomach (just beware, the saltiness will have you shelling out for a few extra thirst quenchers). After a few solid drinks, the Melbourne road map plastered across the wall may be surprisingly helpful.

Bar Ozu: A Japanese drinking den in Hong Kong

Tucked away in a former gallery on one of the oldest roads in Hong Kong, this chilled-out spot channels a Japanese vibe. Bar Ozu, with its plush couches, high ceilings and walls splashed with arty graffiti, manages to be both cool and unpretentious.

There’s an extensive list of Japanese whiskies, beers, signature cocktails and sakes – those unfamiliar with the fermented rice beverage can even try a flight of three samples. If you’re feeling adventurous, say kanpai with a Pasabi, the bar’s wasabi-infused cocktail. Laid-back reggae and hip-hop accompany the conversation rather than overpowering it, leaving you to enjoy some good company and delicious drinks.

Bikes and beers at Handlebar

We really dig bars that promote eco-living, not to mention discourage drink driving. Handlebar does just that with its cosy homage to the humble pushbike. Gold-painted retro bikes hang from the walls, and the furniture is vintage kitsch. Grab a beer or whisky and lounge on one of the patio chairs, or throw down a bowl of homemade meatballs and take in the sights and sounds of the vibrant Kensington Market. When the live music cranks up, head back inside and boogie the night away. Note: the bikes are bolted down so you’ll need to find an alternative ride home.

Cure your ills at Keefer Bar

Seeking a fix the doctor can’t prescribe? The Keefer Bar knows a cocktail mix sure to cure what ails you. This apothecary-themed watering hole aims to soothe your soul and quench your thirsty condition. Award-winning bartender Danielle Tatarin takes a fresh approach to proceedings, sourcing ingredients from local markets and nearby herbalists to make the bitters, syrups and teas used in her unique creations.

Sip on a punchy Thai Pisco Sour or, if you’re feeling daring, down a Bowen Island Iced Tea – as well as vodka, lime and honey syrup, it also contains seahorse tincture. Asian-inspired small plates, including Peking duck sliders and shrimp miso shiitake tacos, are also on the menu.

Celebrity spotting at The Maze Inn

There’s no better view in Rio than at The Maze Inn, and we’re not
just talking about the over-balcony vistas. The bar and inn is a hit with Hollywood celebrities, including Sylvester Stallone and Edward Norton (Snoop Dogg was also a guest), providing plenty of star-spotting opportunities.

Nestled among the alleys of Tavares Bastos, Rio’s first favela guesthouse is also a world-class jazz venue, with a terrace boasting incredible views of Sugarloaf Mountain, the city and Guanabara Bay.

The first Friday of every month is party time, attracting talent and crowds from all over the world, so keep your celebrity radar finely tuned – you might find yourself rubbing shoulders with a screen legend letting their hair down during a break in filming. Plonk yourself on the terrace with a caipirinha while a saxophone tootles in the background and watch the cable cars weave their way up Sugarloaf like fireflies.