Skiaryloch hourn, Scotland

With no roads, no mobile signal and no electricity, Scotland’s Skiary is the ultimate destination for getting away from everything. The remote cottage, which accommodates just six guests at a time, is located on the shores of Loch Hourn in the northwest Scottish Highlands and is considered one of the most remote places to stay in Britain.

Skiary is only accessible by foot or by boat (don't worry, your hosts will meet you where the road ends) and is completely disconnected from the stresses of the modern world. Your days are left free to explore the surrounds, unleash your creativity or clear your mind.

Pursue all those activities you’ve ever wanted to try, without technology and the frenzy of life to get in the way. Shoot some nature photography, fish in the loch or observe the wildlife. Local red deer visit at dusk and seals often perch on the rocks nearby.

As for accommodation, think warm, cosy fireplace with gourmet home-cooked meals. Although Skiary may be a digital detox, it’s surely an indulgence of simple pleasures.

get there

You can get a flight to Inverness then a two-hour taxi, but the most interesting route is by train and boat. Take a train to Mallaig, then arrange a boat transfer to Skiary, this way you’ll see some of Scotland’s most beautiful natural scenery.

  • Cottage with three twin rooms
  • Sitting room with open fire, books and boardgames
  • Shared bathroom with large tub
  • Heated greenhouse for dining in

Accommodation is about US$110 a night per person, including all meals.


Ready to go?

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