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Just beyond Perth’s suburban borders is the Swan Valley. Renowned for its vineyards, it’s also home to a thriving craft beer scene. Penny Watson takes a sip.


Given its recent history, Cambodia could be one of the saddest places on earth. But as Samantha Kodila journeys across the country, visiting ancient temples, bustling cities, floating villages and heartbreaking memorials, she discovers a nation imbued with hope.


Love first brought master brewer Catherine Dionne-Foster to Saint-Roch, the revitalised neighbourhood in Canada’s Québec City. Now she owns the thriving La Korrigane brewery there. She tells Nick Johns-Wickberg about this historic district.


In the tiny Guatemalan village of Sumpango, the dead are honoured by a sky filled with giant kites. Flash Parker flies a tiny offering in memory of a much-loved aunt.


The best way to explore Oman’s Musandam Peninsula, writes Mark Daffey, is from the deck of a dhow. In fact, with very few roads there, it may be the only way.


In the north of Scotland, Graeme Green decides not to walk 500 miles, but instead drive it to check out a road trip the locals hope will be the UK’s equal to Route 66.


Thanks to a rather large fib, Captain Cook never made it this far north when he sailed through Tonga. More than two centuries later, Justin Jamieson discovers why the Vava‘u island group is a secret worth keeping.


Take some of the coolest hotels in the world’s best cities then ask the experts who provide people with recommendations to tell us about their local gems. It’s time to get rid of that guidebook.

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