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When he agreed to go heli-kayaking in the Northern Territory, Craig Tansley had no idea he’d signed up to be the next Mick Dundee.


On an epic ride through Canada’s wild Yukon, Liz Ginis discovers a landscape brimming with heart-thumping adventure, quirky characters and a grisly past.


Through streets imbued with frankincense and shisha, Nikola Sarbinowski discovers an understated nightlife thriving within Muscat’s conservative walls.


Deep in Peru's Amazon jungle, Guy Crittenden discovers all creatures great, small and infinitely horrifying.

South Africa

Take 30 local bands, a crowd dressed for the beach and an unlimited supply of bright blue cocktails and you’ve got South Africa’s best music festival. Amy Rankin gets wet and wild at Up The Creek.


Justin Jamieson journeys to the centre of the earth on Vanuatu's black magic island.


12 Animals, 12 Months, 12 Amazing Destinations

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ETHIOPIA Desert salt mines
SERBIA Like a local in Belgrade
USA Italian food in San Francisco


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