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Close your eyes for a moment. Can you smell that? That’s the intoxicating aroma of a fish on the grill, which you just caught while out spearfishing on a remote island in northern Vanuatu.

Do you feel that stinging sensation of sweat on your brow? That’s your nerves as you begin your steep ascent up to Te Rua Manga (The Needle) in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Countries like Vanuatu, New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands and French Polynesia are among the best places to experience off-the-beaten-track (forget the track) island life, and so we’ve created the South Pacific Cool Guide. It’s the definitive list of where to sleep, eat, drink, surf and party on some of the most remote specks of sand scattered right throughout the southern Pacific Ocean.

Elsewhere in our first digital issue we explore all the new late night-adventures in the recently awarded 2032 Olympic city of Brisbane, we spotlight secret islands in New Zealand and highlight all the gear and gadgets you need to get back on the road.

issue 68

Can you smell that? That’s the intoxicating aroma of a fish on the grill which you just caught while out spearfishing on a remote island in northern Vanuatu.

Do you feel that stinging sensation of sweat on your brow? That’s your nerves as you begin your steep ascent up to Te Rua Manga (The Needle) in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Despite the persistent uncertainty around Australia’s borders, here at get lost we’ve got laser vision on the South Pacific because it’s still firming up as the first spot we’ll be heading when international travel resumes. So to whet your appetite (and to get you excited about booking your next trip) we’ve pulled together the South Pacific Cool Guide, which we believe to be the definitive list of where to party, where to sleep and where to get an adrenaline fix, all while exploring some of the most spectacular and remote islands on the planet.

Elsewhere in the magazine, we try to survive an entire day in Japan by eating only vending machine food, meet an apiarist in the Aegean who has the best job in the world, and discover why there’s no better time than a pandemic to visit Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Read about all this and so much more in issue 68 of get lost Travel Magazine.

issue 67

We can learn so much more from our travels than any school or university degree. That’s why in this special issue of get lost we’re not just showing you all the places we want to visit in 2021, we’ve highlighted the 48 reasons why we all simply, absolutely, categorically must travel again.

Do you want to travel again to test your tastebuds? Do you want to travel so you can stay in the most lavish hotel room you can find? Or do you just desperately need that pulse-quickening, adrenaline experience to remind you that you¹re still alive? Whatever your reason, use this new issue to help you realign your travel purpose for the year ahead. 

Elsewhere in the magazine, we brave the wild Southern Ocean on a small Tasmanian yacht, we wrestle crocodiles for our dinner in the Sollies and we fill our cups in the mellow Kiwi surf town of Raglan.

Enjoy all that and so much more in issue 67 of get lost Travel Magazine. 

issue 66

For issue 66, we talk up being far away from everyone and everything for our 18-page special feature, Splendid Isolation. Read about 18 experiences, both within Australia and further afield, where you get away from the travelling hordes and feel as though you’ve got the place to yourself. Whether you want to go helicamping in remote South Australian ranges, stay in the branches of a tree in Japan or hike to Australia’s most beautiful swimming hole, we’ve got you covered.

Elsewhere in the issue, we head off on a women’s-only cultural tour in Kakadu, stay on sheep stations in Western Australia, explore a tiny island in Japan and go surfing on faraway waves in Papua New Guinea and much more.

issue 65

Ready to holiday here this year? In this issue, we explore our own backyard and take on the best Australian adventures. Visit an art gallery on a remote salt flat, join an Indigenous community in East Arnhem Land, taste a wine from your birth year and discover a whole load of world-class experiences.

Plus, we hike the Northern Territory’s Jatbula Trail, stay on a working pearl farm in Western Australia, throw out a fly in Tassie and much more.

issue 64

In this issue we’re heading to different shores, as we make our freshwater fantasies come true. In Great Lake Experiences we make a houseboat base on India’s Dal Lake, head to a German dance music festival with an industrial lakeside setting, kayak New Zealand’s Lake Taupo in search of Maori carvings and take a couple of luxury cars for a spin on frozen Lake Winnipeg in Canada. We’ve got it all covered, as well as plenty more experiences and adventures that make a splash.

Elsewhere we hike the heights of Switzerland’s Bear Trek, conquer Ireland’s stunning Donegal coastline, join a crazy Cajun festival in Louisiana and discover if Copenhagen is the new capital of cool.

issue 63

If you’re ready to make this the beginning of your most adventurous decade ever, we’ve got 13 wild escapes that will take you to destinations with serious wow factor. Whether you’re looking for amazing wildlife encounters, incredible festivals, immersion in local cultures or the chance to explore far from the average tourist path, these are the places to mark on your map.

Elsewhere we head to the highlands of Papua New Guinea, become acquainted with orangutans in Indonesia, look for bears in Finland and go dancing in the Okavango Delta. Plus, there are stories on Scotland, Mongolia, Thailand, Switzerland and more.

issue 62

Travel trends come and go but here we spotlight the Best of the Best. In issue 62, we’ve highlighted 33 of our favourite trends and found the greatest ways to enjoy them. There are companies who can make your wildest dreams come true, others that are acknowledging their responsibility when it comes to the environment. Then there are those simply elevating our travel experience, from places to stay to new ways to explore. Kick your shoes off and enjoy a luxury stay in Thailand, sleep beneath the stars in Mauritius, improve your mental game in Canada and much more in our 18-page special.

Elsewhere in the issue we cruise the Solomon Islands, ski Montana, go whitewater rafting in Iceland and stay up all night in Madrid. Plus, there are stories on Japan, Thailand, Turkey and more.

issue 61

Take a different view of the continent and immerse yourself in Europe: The Cool Guide. In issue 61, we’ve come up with 36 top tips for your big trip. Take the plunge in Hungary, stay in a castle in Poland, discover the greatest place to wet your whistle in Belgium and so much more. Plus, we reveal the coolest country and why you should book your flight right now. If you need some new reasons to check out the Union, we’ve got them in our 19-page special. Elsewhere in the issue we kayak Raja Ampat, explore Japan’s culinary delights in winter, walk with rhinos in Namibia and go to an Indigenous celebration in the Northern Territory. Plus, there are stories on Havana, Goa, Portland, Singapore and so much more.

issue 60

Hands up if you’ve ever considered logging off, shutting down and escaping to the most remote corner of the globe for a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of modern life? Us too, which is why in the 60th issue of get lost Magazine we go off the grid to share with you 12 destinations, tours, lodgings and experiences that will allow you to do just that. From a desert safari through the Moroccan sand dunes to an icy igloo high up in the Himalayas, these dozen epic adventures will inspire you to look up from your phone and reconnect with the fascinating world around you. This issue isn’t all about isolation though, we also join Dreamtime Dive & Snorkel’s inaugural trip to the Great Barrier Reef, uncover Israel’s best-kept ancient secrets, cruise the cold Arctic waters in search of polar bears, celebrate crocodiles with the tribes of PNG and join in on a very risqué festival in Athens. Plus, we share stories from Uganda, Philadelphia, Basel, Oman and Indonesia’s Alor Archipelago.